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Surgery can be frightening. There are futuristic devices, unfamiliar faces, and the ring of complex medical terms. For many, surgery, hospitalization and aftercare is unnerving and overwhelming. When the time comes for any surgical procedure, there are questions, fears, anxiety, and expectations.

“Patients who are scheduled for joint replacement surgery have many questions,” said Aaron Altenburg, MD, Surgeon, Altenburg Joint Replacement Surgery. “When patients prepare mentally and physically for any surgical procedure they are actually taking the right steps toward empowerment, education, support to answer all of their questions.”

Although Altenburg Joint Replacement Surgery has some of the most skilled, nationally recognized orthopedic surgeons in the region, they are continually looking for ways to raise their quality standards even higher. Along with the dedicated and caring surgeons, the entire medical staff is committed to providing every patient with the highest level of care.

“We don’t just want to meet the bar, we want to exceed it,” Dr. Altenburg said. “Patients and their complete medical team need to be on the same page so needs and concerns are addressed.”

The experienced surgeons and staff at Altenburg Joint Replacement Surgery know that anxiety is common and that questions need to be answered. To that end, Dr. Altenburg and some of his staff flew to Rochester, MN. Their goal was to learn and develop an educational pre-operative course modeled after the joint school at the Mayo Clinic.

“We have found that education prior to a scheduled surgery can be used very effectively to better align patient and doctor expectations,” Dr. Altenburg said. “Pre-operative education plays a vital role in patient outcomes and is directly linked with better patient care and enhances the overall comfort level for our patients.”